Xylem Bellingham And Stanley Brand Launches New ADP450 Polarimeter With XPC Technology

Temperature controlled measurement of optically active samples made easy with the new ADP450 polarimeter with XPC technology

by Kevin Chapman | Friday 24 March 2017

Xylem ADP450 Polarimeter
XPC technology is Xylem’s patented on-board Peltier temperature control system for measuring optically active samples at stable temperatures.

Capable of measuring up to 3.0 OD at 589nm over a maximum tube length of 200mm, the ADP450 offers three decimal place precision to an accuracy of ±0.01 °Angular making it ideal for general purpose use in food, flavours, fragrance, pharmaceutical and chemical industries as well as within academia and research.

New “single-shot” or continual measurement of optical rotation or other related parameter such as specific rotation, concentration or inversion is easily achieved using the instrument’s simple Methods system. Results are clearly visible on the instruments new full colour 4” (10cm) high definition display and over 8000 measurements as well as a record of the instrument’s configuration may be stored, viewed and output to LIMS or Secure PDF.

Calibration and configuration of the ADP450 is password protected, accessible by keypad entry or for convenience, using a fully configurable RFID tag. This, together with the audit trail, facilitates operation in environments conforming to FDA regulation 21 CFR Part 11 or GLP.

The ADP450 is one of two models in the ADP400 Series, the second being the ADP430 that incorporates all the features and benefits of the ADP450 but without XPC technology. The ADP430 is therefore ideally suited for cost-effective measurement of foodstuff and raw materials and other optically active samples or chiral compounds where no a temperature control is required or where a waterbath or automatic temperature compensation is preferred.


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