Interactive Application Finder For Processing Industry Professionals

Online interactive equipment selector aids processing industry professionals when selecting and buying machinery

by Darren Ralphs | Saturday 18 March 2017

A new online virtual equipment finder for the processing industry has been launched, allowing manufacturing professionals to quickly and easily identify the most suitable separation solution for their factory and application.

The Russell Finex Interactive Application Finder guides users through various areas of a factory and different production stages, and suggests the screening and/or filtration solution that best matches their process.

The layout of the online tool is clear and easy to use, helping steer users quickly to the most appropriate range of separation equipment. Users are initially presented with a factory divided into three sections: raw material handling, primary and secondary manufacturing processes and end-of-line packaging. Once a section is selected, the finder presents various processes and suggests specific equipment solutions, which link directly to more detailed information if the user wants to find out more.

This new interactive processing equipment finder is the first in its industry and is aimed at educating manufacturing professionals, providing the best application, and potentially easing the machine selection and buying process.
“At Russell Finex, we strive to offer the best customer experiences and support. Our new online Interactive Application Finder was formed to help educate our customers and connect Russell Finex equipment with their manufacturing production lines,” states Richard Kay, Business Development Manager. “Although this tool is specific, it is general enough to apply to all business, no matter what industry you are in,” concludes Kay.

Russell Finex has been supplying separation solutions for over 80 years and has the widest range of products on the market. As a result, this easy to use tool helps navigate users to the right product for the right application quickly and easily. Try the virtual tool today, or contact Russell Finex for more information.

Interactive Application Finder:


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