Denso Gives Water Mains 28 Years Full Protection

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by John Bean | Wednesday 1 March 2017

An inspection was carried out at the South African site to determine the condition of the fire water mains, which was protected by a Denso system since its installation in 1988.

The current condition of the pipe would act as an important assessment of the continued supply of fire water and possible maintenance required after 28 years.

Three areas were marked up for excavation and the results would determine the remedial action required. All three excavations found the Denso outer wrap to be slightly damaged which was partly caused by the original backfilling and recent excavation of the trench. No damage was noticed on the Denso Petrolatum Tape inner wrap, which was still found to be saturated with the petrolatum compound.

The entire coating system was removed and the pipe surface cleaned. No corrosion whatsover was evident after the 28 years since its installation. The inspections reflected how important it is to combine an excellent coating system with application of the material in strict accordance with the specification.

A 6in. tie in was then installed for a fire water system at the Main Store using the original Denso system supplied back in 1988!


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