PCL Boxes Clever With The Powerful New Digital Tyre Inflator

PCL has sprung stealthily into the ring with the release of this year’s hottest new tyre inflation product – the ACCURA MK4 Electronic Tyre Inflator for indoor and outdoor applications

by Matthew Butters | Wednesday 1 March 2017

ACCURA MK4 Electronic Tyre Inflator
Joining the market-leading MK4 family, including the AirForce MK4 and the MK4 High Pressure, the premium ACCURA MK4 is set to become the ‘Holy Grail’ of tyre inflators for garages, workshops and tyreshops.

This upgraded version of the globally respected AirForce MK4 will change the face of tyre inflation forever, by combining the robustness and environmental tolerance of its analogue sister with the lightness, ease of use, accuracy and flexibility of a digital inflator. This new improved, all environment, electronic inflator also has the added capability for operation on both truck and car inflation pressures in one device.

Over the past 25 years, PCL’s MK4 tyre inflator range has become industry standard in garages, petrol forecourts and tyre depots, so the decision to create a product combining the features and benefits that have stood the test of time with advanced electronics has resulted in an ALL encompassing digital product which can be used any time, any place, anywhere.

As robust as ever and highly accurate, the ACCURA MK4 packs a powerful punch, with its sleek, stylish body and large blue LCD with easy to read backlit screen for use at night and in dimly light areas; offering leading high pressure inflation and deflation rates.

Easily switchable pressure calibration units (psi, bar, kPa) make this the most versatile digital handheld product PCL has ever produced, and is the lightest metal-bodied gauge on the market, with a biomorphic shape to give increased comfort in use. Nearly half the size and weight of the AirForce MK4, the ACCURA MK4 offers a wide range of features for increasing ease of use, safety and cost-savings.

Knocking out its competitors in the first round, it seems PCL has already taken the championship title for tyre inflation in 2017 with the undefeatable ACCURA MK4.


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