New Product For Innovative Research - 2D Crystals For Exfoliation

Goodfellow is pleased to introduce a range of 2D crystals that enable researchers to make their own 2D materials in the Laboratory

by Stephen Aldersley | Tuesday 14 February 2017

To facilitate this innovative research…

• Samples are supplied on an oxidised silicon substrate
• X,Y coordinates are provided
• Microimages are included to aid flake identification
• All flakes have a minimum area of 10 µm2 with monolayer thickness

2D crystals currently available include:

• Arsenic sulphide, As2S3
• Black phosphorus (phosphorene)
• Gallium selenide, GaSe
• Graphenium graphite
• Hexagonal boron nitride, hBN
• Molybdenum diselenide, MoSe2
• Molybdenum disulphide, MoS2
• Tungsten diselenide WSe2
• Tungsten disulphide, WS2
• Tungsten ditelluride, WTe2

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The company specialises in supplying small quantities (a few grammes to a few kilos) of metals and materials for research, prototype development and specialised manufacturing applications. Standard products can be found online at the comprehensive Goodfellow Catalogue.


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