Freeze Dried Roast Dinner

Never Have I eaten an entire roast dinner which has been freeze dried - this is exactly what we did here at Clifton recently

by Fi Davis | Wednesday 28 December 2016

Professor Peter Barham from Bristol University, came to visit us in early November to try out some different foods using the cutting edge Clifton Freeze dryer.

Professor Barham used liquid nitrogen (at a temperature of -196˚C) to freeze the various food items and then whipped up an orange flavoured sorbet using orange juice, egg whites, sugar and liquid nitrogen to freeze the sorbet instantly. The frozen delight then went into the freeze drier resulting in a light foam crisp that could be grated onto a dessert dish.

When freeze drying, the pre frozen food is placed in the chamber, where the frozen water molecules are drawn out of the food item as a vapour, which is then trapped in the -55 ºC cold trap below. When the produce has been removed and eaten, the food will instantly rehydrate in your mouth, creating a much more intense flavour than any other normal food would.

Professor Peter Barham demonstrated everything from olives to lettuce, sweet potatoes and even a beef Sunday roast – so it is possible to eat every element of a roast dinner all in one bite – who knew?!


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