Laser Quantum Latest Video Tests The Gem Laser Performance After Being Exposed To Arctic Conditions

From driving a laser over with a Range Rover to dropping one from a drone, Laser Quantum, has demonstrated how resilient its lasers are in its series of ‘robust and reliable laser’ videos

by Danielle Hardie | Saturday 12 November 2016

In its latest video, launched 9th November, it tests the performance of the gem laser after being exposed to arctic conditions, in a frozen block of ice.

Freezing a laser, of course, is something Laser Quantum does not encourage its customers to do, as it would void any warranty, but the experiment conducted in the latest video, and the entire series, highlights how robust Laser Quantum lasers are, and the lasers ability to perform beyond the rigorous laboratory testing.

The Laser Quantum team prides themselves on the quality and lifetimes of their lasers. Each laser is built with meticulous checks throughout the manufacturing process by thoroughly testing components at every stage to ensure exceptional design and craftsmanship. Laser Quantum wanted to demonstrate, in a visual way, the tests that each laser undertakes in the lab results in the robustness and reliability of its products through equivalent extreme testing.

Lawrie Gloster, CEO of Laser Quantum said ‘our lasers are exceptionally well-manufactured to meet a very high-quality standard and, as a company, this is something we are very proud of and want to share with the photonics community. The challenge is conveying just how many quality checks and tests are in place for us to reach the finished product. We hope the ‘robustness’ videos provide the perfect outlet for this message in an entertaining and engaging way.’

To find out what happens to Laser Quantum’s gem laser after it has been frozen in a block of ice, watch the video here -


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