Laser Quantum Europhoton Talks

At the end of August, Laser Quantum exhibited at the Europhoton conference in Vienna, where Dr. Thomas Binhammer and Dr. Alexander Pape presented talks on the topics featured below

by Danielle Hardie | Saturday 8 October 2016

Download the latest presentations on OPCPA and NOPO written by our Laser Quantum experts.

• Ultrafast wavelength tuning and scaling properties of a Non-collinear Optical Parametric Oscillator (NOPO). Dr. Thomas Binhammer.

• Multipass OPCPA system at 100 kHz with sequential pump depletion
Dr. Alexander Pape.

• High contrast few-cycle OPCPA system with adaptable repetition rate from 0.2 – 2 MHz. Dr. Alexander Pape

The venteon OPCPA provides a unique combination of a few-cycle pulse duration with a pulse energy in the µJ-regime at high repetition rates from 200 kHz – 1 MHz. The excellent output stability, and the ability for a CEP-stabilised output, makes this amplifier the ideal source for nonlinear spectroscopy.


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