Webtec Publishes Educational Guide On Manual Directional Control Valves

Webtec has published a new white paper on ‘Selecting manual hydraulic directional control valves’, aimed at hydraulic engineers, technicians and system designers

by Sam Thompson | Friday 7 October 2016

The 8-page guide follows the same pattern as Webtec’s existing free-of-charge educational papers on, ‘Selecting a hydraulic flow meter’, and ‘Selecting hydraulic pressure sensors’.

This latest paper provides an easy-to-read introduction to the five main directional control valve technologies available, describing the features and benefits of each and concludes with a comparison table to assist the reader in choosing the right technology for their application.

Written by one of the foremost hydraulic trainers with over 40 years’ experience in fluid power, this white paper provides a 15-minute introduction to a subject where many have long since forgotten why they use a particular technology and will inform or reassure the most experienced hydraulics engineer.

For further information, or to receive your free guide to understanding and selecting manual hydraulic directional control valves, please contact Webtec: sales-uk@webtec.com. http://webtec.marketing/directional-control-valves/


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Webtec Ltd
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