Borger Pumps Mean No Fawlty Towers

Borger has supplied a turnkey pump and macerator installation package to a leading international hotel group at one of the company’s key locations in the West Midlands

by David Brown | Friday 9 September 2016

To suit a maximum flow of 25m3/h, a classic 3.0kW Maintenance-In-Place Borger PL200 pump has been introduced to handle raw sewage at the busy hotel, replacing an unreliable unit that was also difficult to service.

The wastewater equipment package from Borger, who also provided a fully automated control system with level controls and alarms, includes a 2.2kW Multichopper Macerator to reduce particle sizes.

Furthermore, Borger took responsibility for all pipework and connection to the main sewer discharge line.

David Brown, Borger UK’s Managing Director said: “The hotel group has a very firm commitment to reducing its impact on the environment, so this sustainable, low-maintenance solution has provided the perfect answer”.


David Brown
Borger UK Limited
+44 1902 798977

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