Densoband Flexible Sealant At London Gateway

Densoband flexible sealant was one of three Winn & Coales protection products chosen for use in the original construction of the London Gateway at Stanford-le-Hope, Essex

by John Bean | Thursday 7 July 2016

The principal contractor was a joint venture between Laing 0'Rourke and Dredging International.

For this phase 1 project sub-contractors Aggregate Industries applied approximately 12,000 metres of black Densoband as a flexible sealant between asphalt and concrete. This included concrete channels to take away surface water, gullies and bays.

Aggregate Industries has now just completed a new project, as main contractor, which entailed application of approximately 2,000 metres Densoband in jointing areas between asphalt and concrete on the general parking areas of the Gateway. Miles Macadam then applied a final Hardicrete grout on this park area.

Densoband is a polymer modified bitumen strip which is approved by the Department of Transport in the Manual of Contracts 7th Edition for use in asphalt surface course joints for asphalt, and asphalt to concrete interface, as an alternative to the previously commonly used bitumen. Because water, salts, pollutants and weed seeds etc cannot penetrate the sealed joint, it remains unaffected by extremes of temperature and further deterioration.


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