Ultrasonic Sieving Adopted By Powder Coating Industry Giant Jotun

Over the past few decades, the powder coating industry has seen double-digit growth in the US and Europe

by Darren Ralphs | Sunday 26 June 2016

However, more recently, with a slowing market and rising raw material costs, manufacturers have taken a second look at all aspects of their business to maintain growth and maximise profitability.

The Powder Coating Process

The powder coating process is made of various stages, taking from raw materials through to the formation of a ‘plastic’ mix. This is then cooled and broken into plastic chips before being micronized and passed through a cyclone classifier to separate the large and fine particles.

Quality Control Screening

The final stage of the process involves screening the fine powder to remove extraneous contaminants such as filter bag ‘fluff’. Screening the powders at this stage ensures only powder of the correct particles size is passed through to the filling line. This is critical because this will have a direct impact on the quality and film thickness that can be obtained during the coating process.

Problems with traditional methods of screening and the solution

To overcome the blocking of mesh, some manufacturers have experimented with ‘off-line’ screening and rotary sieves. However, these methods can also compromise product quality since very little oversize is collected during the screening process. Russell Finex have developed the ultimate solution for this application. By combining the Russell Compact Sieve® check-screener and Vibrasonic® Deblinding System, the most efficient screening system can be obtained.

Jotun’s Ultrasonic Paint Screener: http://www.russellfinex.com/en/case-studies/screening-powder-coatings/

Ultrasonic Sieving: http://www.russellfinex.com/en/separation-equipment/ultrasonic-sieves/

Check Screening: http://www.russellfinex.com/en/separation-equipment/screening-machines/vibratory-sieves/


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