AMC Jets Use Big Data To Cut Hydraulic Failures

AMC Jets has over 20 years’ experience in servicing companies using high pressure water jet cutting technologies worldwide

by Martin Cuthbert | Tuesday 21 June 2016

A potential and widespread issue in their field of operations is a reduction in hydraulic system pressure, which often leads to performance decay of the water pressure intensifier.

AMC Jets went to Webtec, the hydraulic measurement and control manufacturer based near Cambridge, UK to find a portable hydraulic monitoring and data capture solution.

After jointly specifying their exact requirement AMC came away with a hydraulic data - logging solution that integrated the measurement and data capture of multiple sensors including flow, pressure, temperature, contamination and relative humidity of the oil all in one portable unit.

After some onsite training, this solution enabled AMC to test and record each customers’ power unit’s performance during each scheduled service visit. Then by using the HPMComm software supplied with the kit, AMC can analyse the thousands of data points they have built up.

Furthermore, they can then over lay performance curves collected from previous tests of the machine many months or years before to visually and graphically identify performance decay and schedule any necessary preventative maintenance.

By using this structured approach and with the power of the Webtec HPM hydraulic test kit, AMC has reduced hydraulic failures in their customers’ hydraulic systems and prevented potentially expensive downtime in their CNC water jet operations.


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