Drallim Are Invited To Stop Fastest Car In World

Drallim have been invited by Jon Hunt (Senior Design Engineer) to help provide a cable system to stop the world’s fastest car

by Carl Baldwin | Saturday 4 June 2016

Although the design in essence seemed relatively simple, Drallim had to meet the temperature requirements and safety critical factors which would ensure the cables would release the canopies from the back end at the specific time.

Sitting down with the client and planning the design is all part of the engagement process and allows Drallim to not only understand the requirements but get a feel of the project and the people involved.

In this instance there will be a total of six cables working simultaneously (three either side for each canopy) in conjunction with electrical apparatus and a manual standby system in the case of electrical failure.

Albeit a small part of the overall project, this falls under the safety critical section and has to be 100% accurate, there can be no margin for error.

Drallim welcomed the challenge and are excited and honoured to be chosen for such a prestigious occasion and to be part of history.

For more information on the bloodhound project please visit: http://www.bloodhoundssc.com


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Saturday 4 June 2016 / file under Engineering | Automotive