Continuous Improvements Drive Innovation

Laser Quantum’s continuous improvement programme brings innovation to the finesse laser

by Danielle Hardie | Saturday 28 May 2016

Since its launch in 2005, the ever-popular finesse laser has been through a number of technical upgrades that have seen the available power output increase from 4 W at 532 nm with a 0.5% noise, to 16 W with a significant reduction in noise level, 0.02%, and the ability to accept f-to-2f interferometer signal for pump modulation in CEP applications.

As part of Laser Quantum’s continuous improvement programme, it has released the next generation of the finesse laser, which will benefit from increased robustness, leading to the very best beam pointing and power output stability available. With a five year warranty, field replaceable diodes, user on-screen optimisation and remote connection, the latest members of the finesse family will continue to drive innovative research through world-leading specifications combined with dependable reliability.

John Shakos, Product Manager at Laser Quantum said, ‘The continuous improvement programme at Laser Quantum has enabled us to add new innovative features to our lasers and offer exceptional specifications to our customer at every design review. Striving to improve specifications is part of our ethos and the development of the power output and reduction in noise is incredible. However, we won’t stop here as we are always looking for the next world-leading innovative development.’

Highly efficient and compact, this laser is easily integrated into all commercially available Ti:Sapphire oscillator and amplifier systems and boasts lifetimes far exceeding the industry standard. The diode lifetime is greater than 40,000 hours, double that of many similar lasers and has the added advantage of higher wall plug efficiency and minimal heat output.


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