Take Care Of Your Ears On International Noise Awareness Day

Individuals, organisations, and governments around the world yesterday commemorated the 21st Annual International Noise Awareness Day

by Pascale O’Rourke | Thursday 28 April 2016

The Center for Hearing and Communication (CHC) founded this yearly event in 1996 to raise awareness of noise where people work, live, and play and encourage them to take action against harmful levels of noise.

Individuals and organisations should care about unwanted noise especially in the workplace as any sustained and uncontrolled exposure to loud noise is likely to be harmful to hearing. Noise-induced hearing loss is totally preventable with the right control strategy. If you work or operate in a noisy industrial setting, Pulsar Instruments' range of noise measurement products will help you safeguard the hearing of your employees by ensuring that noise levels do not exceed legal limits.

Too often noise control or monitoring is ignored until it is too late because hearing loss is not a visible condition. Hearing loss is a disability like any other and does affect the quality of life. It can lead to loss of concentration, tension and headaches, discomfort, high blood pressure, insomnia, stress and social isolation.

Whether you manage a small or medium company or multiple sites, Pulsar Instruments has a noise monitoring device to suit your needs.

Pulsar offer fully compliant hand held sound level meters, wearable personal noise dosemeters, wall-mounted noise-activated warning signs, accessories and reporting software.

All meters are designed and manufactured in the UK. The company has well over 45 years experience in the field of noise measurement and caters for a wide range of industries. It has helped thousands of safety professionals around the world meet compliance with the noise regulations.

Pulsar also offer day courses combining noise legislation, theory with practical group exercises, covering basic noise survey principles and processes, and educating delegates about noise measurement techniques and products.


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