Merlin Install Five Simulation Stations At Sheffield University School Of Engineering

Merlin have recently delivered five MP500-1 Engineering Flight Simulation Stations to the School of Engineering at The University of Sheffield

by Marion Neal | Monday 25 April 2016

The MP500-1’s are installed in the University’s prestigious new Diamond Building, where they will form the practical laboratory equipment to compliment the University’s expanding aerospace course structure.

The five stations may be linked enabling students, and researchers to investigate air traffic conflicts, and evaluate student created piloted and unpiloted designs within confined airspace.

Dr. Simon Hayes, from The University of Sheffield said ‘we are immensely proud to have taken delivery of five Merlin simulators for teaching aircraft design and flight performance characteristics to our Aerospace Engineering students.

The simulators enable practical experience of aircraft flight dynamics that would not otherwise be possible. Currently students learn about aircraft design during lectures, but gain no experience about how design decisions practically affect aircraft performance.

In their third year, our M.Eng students design and build a UAV as part of a group design project – due to the Merlin Flight Simulation Systems the students will be able to test and modify their designs at an early stage, before they complete the manufacturing.

This will ensure that the students make maximum use of their learning in bringing a practical and industrially relevant project to fruition.’


Marion Neal
Merlin Products Ltd
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Monday 25 April 2016 / file under Education | Aerospace