South Korean Delegation Visit Landia In Whitchurch

A delegation of business leaders from South Korea made a special visit to Landia of Whitchurch to take a closer look at the pump and mixer manufacturer

by Paul Davies | Monday 11 April 2016

The delegation also inspected goods due to be dispatched over 5,000 miles to East Asia.

The visit was a result of Landia winning an important order from South Korea for its GasMix digester mixing system, which is proving very popular with operators of anaerobic digestion (AD) plants who use organic matter such as food waste and manure to produce renewable energy.

Paul Davies, Key Account Manager at Landia, commented: “This was a very significant day at our premises on Waymills Industrial Estate. Our guests from South Korea had previously been to see our GasMix system in operation at the award-winning Eco Sustainable Solutions' AD plant in Dorset. They’d liked what they’d seen and placed a sizeable order with us. The visit to Whitchurch gave our visitors the opportunity to see Landia for themselves and make a detailed inspection of the GasMix systems we’ve built for them”.

The international market is certainly playing an increasingly big role in the success of Landia UK. The Director of the company Hugh Vaughan was unable to meet the South Korean delegation because he was away in Perth, Australia, attending the official opening of the new Richgro Anaerobic Digestion plant, for which Landia’s acclaimed GasMix digester mixing system was chosen for its performance, reliability and easy access maintenance.

Per annum, the new plant has the capacity to process more than 35,000 tonnes of commercial and industrial organic waste, diverting it from landfill – instead producing power to run Richgro’s operations and provide energy for the grid, with the final by-product used as a raw material in Richgro's garden products.


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