What Does European Representation Actually Mean

Most of the CE Marking Directives require the manufacturer to use an Authorised Representative who is based in the European Union

by Philip Wicks | Wednesday 6 April 2016

This authorised representative will, as set out in the Directives:

• Hold copies of your documentation
• Have copies available for inspection by statutory authorities
• Under some directives such as Class 1 Medical Devices the authorised representative has to notify the competent authority and has legal responsibilities under the directives
• In some circumstances the Authorised Representative may be required to counter-sign your Declaration of Conformity and or be part of your Quality Management Assessment

When you are looking to choose an Authorised Representative you should also consider what extra they can bring to your business in Europe. What kind of experience do they have in your area, do they have contacts that could be helpful to your business are they more than just your Authorised Representative.


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