Inciner8 Start 2016 At Full Tilt With New Flagship Product

Inciner8 have had a busy start to 2016. We have seen our flagship i8-1000 incinerators shipped and installed into 3 different continents

by Alex Billingsley | Wednesday 2 March 2016

These are being used to process a wide range of waste streams from municipal garbage to large scale poultry waste disposal. The i8-1000 continues to grow in popularity due to its huge capacity and high burn rates than mean it outperforms all other units in its class.

Part of our ongoing growth strategy is to develop stronger ties with our partners overseas by being more in touch with the local nuances of each market. To this end, we are now developing geo-centric marketing collateral to empower our global partners starting with the launch of our French language website and global dealership pages.


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