Tudor Rose International Unveils New Brand Identity And Logo

Tudor Rose International (TRI) has launched a new corporate brand identity and logo that builds on the company’s rich heritage

by Sarah Whiting | Tuesday 26 January 2016

Tudor Rose International has created a modern, contemporary look that captures the essence of the fast-paced export industry.

The Stroud-based export management company has a wealth of experience representing a wide range of Food, Beverage & Personal Care Brands around the World and ship over 1.6million cases of products per year. TRI are building brands in over 80 countries, working closely with Brand Owners and Local Partners.

Over the past two years, TRI have spent a considerable amount of time and resource rejuvenating their systems, processes and overall business proposition. The final part of the equation has been to revisit their corporate logo.

Sarah Whiting, Head of Marketing, comments “Today marks a new era for Tudor Rose International. As an organisation that is passionate about consumer brands, we felt it was essential that our own corporate brand had a strong identity. We spent a considerable amount of time creating a logo that retains much of our ‘Tudor’ heritage but is also representative of the modern and dynamic environment we operate in”.

TRI launched the new logo at a company conference attended by all employees, during which time and over the following weekend, the whole company premises were rebranded – leading to some surprised and delighted reactions.


Sarah Whiting
Tudor Rose International Ltd
+44 1453 732880

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