Denso Steelcoat Protection For Garnedd RWE Innogy Power Station

Garnedd Power Station, five miles east of mount Snowdon, is one of 92 run-of-river power stations in Europe operated by RWE Innogy

by John Bean | Monday 4 January 2016

In a recent program carried out by the company's maintenance engineers, a Winn & Coales anti-corrosion system was applied to a linear run of pipeline carrying the water flow to the power turbine. The pipe is a 3.5m long and 800mm diameter steel pipe with a previous bitumen coating.

A Denso Steelcoat system, designed for protection of above ground pipework and general steelwork was chosen. This consisted of Denso High-Tack primer followed by Denso Ultraseal Tape, with a final coat of Denso Acrylic paint. A small amount of Denso Profiling Mastic was also used between the pipe and a steel communication duct running directly and closely alongside.


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