Bunting Metal Separator Cleaning Sodium Bicarbonate In Pakistan

Bunting Magnetics Europe Ltd has secured an overseas contract from Pakistan to supply Metal Detectors to identify and remove rogue metal from refined Sodium Bicarbonate

by Paul Fears | Thursday 3 December 2015

Bunting Metal Separator
During any mineral processing process there is the potential of introducing metal contamination. The metal can be a mix of ferrous and non-ferrous and can cause serious problems damaging other processing equipment including screens and mills, as well as affecting the quality of the end product.

The fine nature of the Sodium Bicarbonate was also an issue, precluding certain designs of Magnetic Separator and Metal Detector.

After a detailed review of the application by their technical team, Bunting recommended the Quicktron Model 05A Metal Separator. This high sensitivity Metal Separator is designed for free-flowing, gravity fed bulk materials, such as Sodium Bicarbonate, and had the ability to detect and remove a wide range of metals including ferrous, stainless steel, aluminium, copper and brass.

In operation, the Sodium Bicarbonate falls down an inlet pipe into the Electromagnetic Field of the Metal Separator search coil. Any metal alters the high frequency magnetic field generated by the search coil signalling contamination. A signal then is sent to the double actuating air cylinder of the reject assembly underneath the unit.

The metal contamination, with a minimal amount of clean material, is then diverted out of the clean material flow and into a waste collection area. Often this is recycled to reduce product loss. The reject time is adjustable to suit each specific application. After the metal has been removed, the reject flap returns to the normal position, once again allowing clean product to flow through.

David Hills, Bunting Europe’s Head of Sales explained the importance of the export order: “Being able to offer global support and assistance to companies in different parts of the world differentiates us from other suppliers. This particular application was particularly challenging due to the fine nature of the product. It was vital to remove the metal contamination without losing high amounts of clean product and this is the reason for selecting the Quicktron Metal Separator.”

The Quicktron Metal Separator is one of a range of Metal Detectors supplied by Bunting Magnetics. They are often used in conjunction with Magnetic Separators such as Drawer Magnets, where ferrous metal is removed to enable the Metal Detector to be specifically tuned to identify and remove non-ferrous metal.


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