New Autodam For Passive Automatic Flood Protection

Ham Baker has launched Autodam, a simple yet highly effective passive flood defence system that automatically rises when water levels increase

by Shyam Mallem | Thursday 5 November 2015

Quick and easy to install, requiring only shallow excavation, Autodam is ideal for homeowners and commercial use, also acting as a conventional surface water drain in normal weather conditions.

Activated solely by the pressure of water (or sewage / chemicals / other liquids), Autodam provides 24/7 reliability and peace of mind for property protection.

Ham Baker can supply Autodam for almost any installation, in a choice of stainless steel, GRP or recycled plastic. As standard it is flush-mounted for wheelchair access, whilst optional extras include visible and audio alarms, plus a choice of finishes to blend in with the home/business design.


Shyam Mallem
Ham Baker Adams Ltd
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