New ONIXline Pump From Borger Can Handle The Pressure

Designed with flow-simulation software, Borger’s new ONIXline pump range can handle high pressures up to 16 bar applications, including waste, chemical, oil, offshore, paper / pulp & sugar application

by David Brown | Sunday 25 October 2015

Available with interchangeable cartridge seals to suit a customer’s requirements & seal plans, ONIXline benefits from superior rotors that promote maximum energy efficiency through gentle, almost pulsation-free pumping.

Also equipped with precision bearings that restrict shaft movement, this new range of Borger pumps also has a very robust carrier and timing gear to minimise the clearance between rotors and the pump casing.

Combined with the ONIXline’s innovative computer designed rotor profile and the flow-optimized inlet/outlet, other features include a large-volume intermediate chamber that allows open or closed operation.


David Brown
Borger UK Limited
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Sunday 25 October 2015 / file under Chemical | Oil | Paper | Utilities