Denso Void Filler Used For Surface Levelling Posts

Strata Renewables Ltd of Cranage, Crewe, have recently completed a project where they installed level indicators to a depth of 3.50m to monitor the ground surface levels

by John Bean | Friday 9 October 2015

The levelling posts consist of floating bore holes lined with a fixed sleeve and an inner floating sleeve. Winn & Coales (Denso) Ltd’s Denso Void Filler was recommended to fill the void between the two sleeves but allowing movement of the inner sleeve.

Denso Void Filler is based on a microcrystalline petrolatum containing corrosion inhibitors and moisture repellents. It forms a permanently flexible medium for the encapsulation and protection of bearings, tendons, stay cables, among many other applications. It has been used on a variety of major civil engineering projects, including both Severn Bridges.


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