EA Technology Launches Line Of Sight Performance Dashboard In South East Asia

EA Technology is delighted to announce its global launch of 'Line of Sight', a dashboard for monitoring energy network investment and performance

by Hazel Surguy-Price | Sunday 26 July 2015

Having trialled the approach with some of the leading energy companies in the world, EA Technology is now launching their 'Line of Sight' Performance Dashboard based on its world leading CBRM (Condition Based Risk Management) methodology.

The 'Line of Sight' Performance Dashboard will provide a detailed graphical view of a company’s power assets, offering asset operators a straightforward and repeatable method of understanding how best to optimise and prioritise their replacement and maintenance programs. From a total asset management perspective the dashboard combines knowledge of the condition of assets, with the ability to calculate the financial risks of asset failures and powerful forecasting methods, to transform the way assets are managed. This technique enables asset managers and engineering personnel to make the best decisions.

Using 'Line of Sight' will enable energy network operators to optimise their investment requirements, typically achieving reductions of more than 20%, while improving safety and reliability. In a South East Asian utility for example, a multi-million dollar reduction in the cost of providing electricity has been achieved. In recent programs enabled by EA Technology instrumentation, the electricity utility saw a 71% reduction in switchgear failures. The impacts in terms of keeping the lights on for their customers was huge.

There remains a huge opportunity for EA Technology to generate multi-billion dollar efficiency improvements for its utility customers.

EA Technology is an employee owned power engineering company headquartered in Chester, UK, with offices in Singapore and around the world, which provides technologies to its global customer base to keep the lights on, the costs down and the carbon footprint low.


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