Amsterdam University Of Applied Sciences Takes Delivery Of Four Engineering Flight Simulators

Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences have become the first European University to purchase engineering flight simulators from UK based Merlin Flight Simulation Group

by Marion Neal | Friday 5 June 2015

MP500-2 Simulator
Merlin Flight Simulation Group recently installed four engineering flight simulators in the university, three MP500-1’s and one MP500-2.

Their university of applied sciences now has a simulation laboratory which will primarily be used for students to create and test their own aircraft designs.

Teaching these students is Ir. Raymond Teunissen, particularly well suited to the task as Raymond is an ex KLM captain with a wealth of experience, not only of flying but also using full flight simulators. He said ‘The simulators are in excellent shape and our staff and students are very pleased with the ease and simplicity of the user interface. As a matter of fact one of our teachers has already a flying A300 model running on the MP500-1 and one of our students is almost as far with his model of the Cessna 140 taildragger.

We are looking forward to using the simulator suite in our curriculum from September 2015. The Aviation Academy of the Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences are confident that the use of the simulators will enhance achieving the learning objectives for the 'Design, Simulate, Build and Fly' Minor. With the simulators in house and a well designed curriculum, they are confident that it will improve the level of quality of their Engineering Bachelors.’


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