Densoband Aids Prevention Of Concrete Surface Cracking

Winn & Coales Densoband was specifically developed to meet UK Highways Agency requirements for concrete-to-asphalt joints and asphalt-to-asphalt road joints

by John Bean | Wednesday 27 May 2015

Now, a new use has been found by CLS Civil Engineering which does not rely on Densoband’s long-term water sealing properties.

Following discussion with Winn & Coales (Denso) Ltd a 55x8mm version of Densoband was used to provide an expansion joint between the concrete and the steel anchoring in a gap in the channel of a steel anchor plinth base for a wind turbine foundation. The purpose was to prevent cracking on the surface of the concrete base to which the turbine is anchored, which can be caused by temperature differences and the vibration that can arise from movement of the wind tower. The Densoband strip also prevents any stone or gravel debris getting into the channel.

Densoband is a polymer-modified bitumen strip whose fundamental use is for sealing joints. Providing a uniform flexible seal, it is ideal for base and wearing course joints that can withstand thermal changes and the movement from traffic load.


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Wednesday 27 May 2015 / file under Construction | Engineering