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1934 Bentley Derby wins class in Madeira Classic Car Time Trial

by James O'Sullivan | Monday 18 May 2015

I was indeed honoured to be invited to be the co-pilot in a 1934 Bentley Derby in the recent Classic Car Hill Climb event in Funchal, Madeira.

The Bentley is owned and cherished by Dr Tito Noronha and was driven by his son Martim. The object of the race was to make two circuits of Funchal in the same time. Even with 82 year old instrumentation the Bentley performed magnificently with a first run of 1 minute 53 seconds and a second run showing just 0.33 seconds difference!

The Bentley won its’class and came 10th overall from 80 participants.

The betting on the day featured the writers’ kilt and whether modesty would be preserved when stepping into the vehicle. Happily all went well and nobody did get to find out what’s under an Irishmans’ kilt!

A short video of the event can be seen at


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