New Multi Cartridge Vacuum Greasing System

The new Multi Gun is the latest release from Lumeter Ltd, and its' British designed Barrel System has a worldwide Patent Pending

by Mike Gregory | Wednesday 29 April 2015

Lumeter Birmingham have developed this new versatile grease gun which is designed to be used with any DIN 1284 cartridge, plus 400g and 500g threaded cartridges. Requiring no spring loading, MULTI GUN® charges the pressure chamber with new grease by vacuum before dispensing at pressures tested to 6000psi.

Loading a new grease cartridge, of every type, is clean, simple and quick to do on site, requiring no tools at all.

Each MULTI GUN® is supplied with a 600mm High Pressure Spring Guard Supply Hose and 4 Jaw Coupler, special Adapter for use with Standard Cartridges, Follower Seals and fittings for use when using screw threaded cartridges.

This new Multi Gun Grease Gun is the next step development from the existing Lumeter A1034 Twin Handled Grease Gun.

Developed in the UK, interest in MULTI GUN® is already high. This is down to its basic principles of operation, versatility and build quality" said Lumeter Managing Director Mike Gregory.


Mike Gregory
Lumeter Ltd
+44 (0) 121 544 3090

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