X Parc For A Top Car Park

Historic Chichester, which boasts one of the world’s 10 best car parks in pictures, has placed an order for the X-Parc system provided by the Metric Group

by Natalya Alves | Sunday 15 February 2015

The X-Parc solution, which incorporates two entries, two exits, ANPR cameras and five pay stations, will replace the existing pay on foot system in the 900 space Avenue de Chartres multi-storey car park.

Avenue de Cartres car park, which was built in 1991 at a cost of £5.2 million, faces the medieval wall and cathedral.

In awarding the car park a top 10 placing, the Guardian said: ‘It was a tough call, whether to include this or the beautiful, Paul-Rudolph-like parking above Preston bus station.

‘The Avenue de Chartres car park, by Birds Portchmouth Russum, makes it partly in the interest of variety, as a bold attempt to tame the beast of parking in the context of an historic city.

‘It makes the access stairs into castle-like towers, arranged along something resembling a city wall, which also helps define one of the approach routes into the city. A brick footbridge then flies improbably (given that bricks don’t fly) across the road, in the direction of the city’s cathedral.’

Said Richard Boultbee, Metric Group Director of Sales and Marketing: “We are delighted to be working with Chichester District Council to provide them with a state of the art pay on foot solution.

“The system continues to be very popular and competitive across all market sectors, with installations in retail, leisure and not least local authorities.”


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