Inspection Systems Provides Another Success Story For The Glass Industry

Inspection Systems are a leading inspection systems company since the late 1980’s. Their focus has been to provide robust, reliable & cost effective solutions to the glass market over the last 26 yea

by Stephen Adie | Sunday 8 February 2015

The product portfolio has expanded introducing the TG thickness gauge for both hot and cold end applications.

There was a gap in the market given the price point and technical drawbacks of competing systems which lead to the development of this new product. The current system has recently been signed off by Cardinal FG and there is growing interest from the other glass manufacturers in the market place.

The TG system provides a generic one-stop solution for the measurement of glass thickness with the following features:

• Horizontal or vertical configurations
• Hot or cold end location
• Continuous scan or fixed position modes
• Glass edge position reporting
• Stress measurement module integration

Principle of operation is the use of a confocal sensor and controller to use the 2 peaks which it generates to measure the thickness. This is unique in the market compared to the existing competition. The system can measure from 1mm-19mm the typical standard requirement for float glass. The system is configurable using either the sweep or spot reading options.

The measurement and display options are comprehensive as listed below.

• Cross-web thickness profile
• Longitudinal thickness profile
• 2D thickness zone map
• Edge position trends
• Temperature profiles
• Optional stress module

The hope is this system will be as successful as its predecessors and provide yet another success story for Inspection Systems going forward.


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