Casella Sound Analysers Approved By German PTB

Casella announce that its two CEL-62X and CEL-63X sound level meter series have received regulatory type approval from Germany’s Physikalisch-Technische Bundesanstalt (PTB)

by Neal Hill | Sunday 11 January 2015

Type approval is mandatory for many official measurements undertaken by Government enforcement agencies or specialist Consultants. It protects unsuspecting customers faced with a choice of suppliers, who would otherwise not be able to make an informed purchase decision.

PTB type approval of Casella’s CEL-62X and CEL-63X series assures users across Europe, specifically Germany, the Netherlands and Belgium, that these noise measuring instruments have been laboratory tested and verified as meeting sound level meter standard IEC 61672-2:2002. Test results are also accepted in France, Austria and Spain and other European countries but who have their own additional documentation requirements.

The versatile and easy to use CEL-62X series provides users with a great value, easy to use sound level meter with the option of octave band frequency analysis useful for noise control and hearing protection calculations. The CEL-63X series offers users additional features such as audio recording and one-third octave frequency analysis, enabling them to conduct more advanced noise studies in industrial and environmental noise situations or to investigate noisy products.

“We are pleased that these two instrument series have received type approval from the PTB, which is a globally recognised authority,” said Neal Hill, Product Line Manager, Casella Solutions. “Approval of both the CEL-62X and CEL-63X analyser series further underpins Casella’s position as the leading manufacturer of effective noise monitoring equipment. We can also offer a variety of after sales services including manufacturer’s calibration or UKAS verification of their instrumentation.”


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