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Copper Clothing Limited are delighted to announce a brand new addition to our digital media team

by Sue Winters | Sunday 21 December 2014

Dr Susan Etok
Starting in January 2015 Dr Susan Etok will lead our news and customer information bulletins and introduce a new series of recent interviews with Dr Hilary Jones.

She has been involved in various projects on USA and UK TV networks such as BBC, Fox News, CNN, Entertainment Tonight, MSNBC and CBS. She has featured in many high profile commercials, campaigns and science related news programmes. Susan has a doctorate in materials science and most notably her final paper for her PhD was on Biomedical Materials.

This background in both presenting and science will help give Copper Clothing TV customers the best possible presentations of news and scientific breakthrough in understanding how the power of copper clothing is working across an ever increasing range of uses in healthcare, sports, veterinary and family health due to the remarkable anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, anti-microbial and anti-viral properties of copper.

Whether you are in healthcare, sports science or a busy parent looking after the health and well being of your loved ones follow this link to subscribe and join Dr Susan Etok to get all the latest news and offer from Copper Clothing TV throughout 2015.


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