Morris Site Machinery Lights-Up In New Territories

Dynamic UK supplier and manufacturer of site equipment,, Morris Site Machinery, has announces partner distribution agreements across new territories including South Africa, New Zealand and Russia

by Becky Homer | Wednesday 8 October 2014

Paul Sowerby and Phil Winnington
This heralds a move by the leading site machinery business to power its growth through international sales and service.

New partner AllightPrimax has been appointed to manage the distribution of the robust SMC lighting towers in South Africa and New Zealand and has already announced the sale of 24 units through its distribution partner Barloworld Power. AllightPrimax presented a natural fit with Morris Site Machinery with the companies’ shared values and focus on innovation and quality.

Paul Sowerby, Sales & Marketing Director for AllightPrimax commented: “The SMC TL-90’s reputation is unquestionable. With the burgeoning South African mining industry, a lighting tower of this calibre and reliability provides the ideal choice for use in extreme environments. We are delighted to bring this tower into our extensive portfolio and already we are seeing traction.”

New Russian distributor, Tokyo Boeki, has also sold units into its territory and recently visited Morris Site Machinery’s group head office, in Shropshire. The visit by Keiji Takigawa, President and CEO of Tokyo Boeki with Chris Morris, Chief Executive, marked a commitment by both companies to grow the business and develop a long term distribution agreement throughout Russia.

“As a business, securing the right partners is as essential as providing the ultimate product. These new partnerships will strengthen our hold and impact in emerging territories and signal an exciting step change for our global ambitions” commented Chief Executive, Chris Morris.


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