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by Pascale O'Rourke | Monday 15 September 2014

Health and Safety management is a challenging function and one that covers a number of areas which demand attention. In this industry, we are constantly reminded that, in this area of work, occupational noise measurement is only one of the many tasks that need to be implemented to achieve compliance in the workplace.

However, it is imperative to make noise at work measurement and noise control a priority to protect your business now and in the future.

Often, this key area of health and safety can be overlooked and left until it is too late and a claim for noise-induced hearing loss is served on the company by existing or ex-employee(s).

To help businesses meet compliance with Noise at Work regulations in the UK and with other international occupational noise regulations, Pulsar Instruments have gathered a portfolio of measurement instruments and associated services to provide safety professionals with the expertise, advice and training they need to meet their statutory obligation.

These instruments will help you, each in accordance with their own specification, perform a range of key measurements in the workplace such as:

• Conducting basic industrial noise surveys and spot checks
• Calculating personal daily noise exposures especially for workers moving from one location to another
• Determining the duration a person can work in a specific area before exposure levels or legal limits are exceeded
• Providing accurate prescription of suitable personal hearing protection
• Identifying, analysing and controlling noise sources that may require tonal analysis
• Logging the noise measurement data and, with the software provided, transform any measurement into informative reports
• Providing simultaneous measurement of all key noise parameters
• Alerting individuals when pre-set noise levels are exceeded

Pulsar Instruments have been involved in the noise measurement industry both as a manufacturer, advisor to safety professionals on occupational noise control issues and trainer on noise at work regulations since 1969. The expertise we have gained together with the instruments we offer aim to ensure that businesses of all sizes can benefit from what we excel at with total confidence.

With prices for a basic sound level meter starting at £260, HSE professionals can now access first class advice and enjoy a level of product expertise that will not break the bank. This will ensure that they protect their business interest and help safeguard workers’ hearing now and in the future.


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