Denso Paste Protection For Clifton Suspension Bridge

An important use for Winn & Coales (Denso) Ltd’s Denso paste has been found to be its regular application to the anchored chain links of Clifton Suspension Bridge

by John Bean | Friday 29 August 2014

The wrought iron suspension chains which support the world-famous bridge are anchored in tunnels 18 metres down in the rocks on each side of the Avon Gorge.

The dark and damp chambers have always presented corrosion protection challenges. The Clifton Suspension Bridge Trust has found that regular application of Denso Paste has proved to be a more effective means of anti-corrosion protection than paint coatings.

Denso paste is a soft brown petrolatum primer containing moisture displacing corrosion inhibitors. It does not dry, harden or crack.


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Friday 29 August 2014 / file under Engineering | Construction