New Generation Of Master Driers From Master Farm

The 2014 range of Master Driers that will were on show at this year’s Cereal’s Show had many new features

by Paul Baskerville | Wednesday 20 August 2014

The popular 12 Ton Model is now fully Galvanised and the whole range introduces ‘New Age’ Technology which can be personalised to meet individual requirements, with capacities from 10 Ton - 45 Ton and flexibility in specification.

The principle of drying remains the same, but, the emphasis has been to make Master Driers ‘user’ friendly. They offer efficient drying and simplified operation with manual or automatic programmes. The new operating systems are incorporated in both the Electric and PTO driven Driers.

These operating systems include an Audible Alarm or Auto ‘Cut Off’ which will alert the Operator when the Drier is loaded, to avoid overflow of grain. Also included as an option is an internal Moisture Meter for monitoring temperature and moisture.

The Master Eye Telephone Combinator Messaging System will keep you in touch with your Drier, alerting the operator when drying is completed or if the Drier is in need of attention.

One unique standard feature on most models is the “3 Stage Burner”. It is designed with three fuel nozzles which operate in any sequence to give a wide range of temperatures. The main advantage is that it is not necessary to change the fuel jet which simplifies the operation of the burner when drying different crops. This option is available at no extra charge!

Electric Drive Models are becoming more popular as they can be fully automated and are operated by a small Siemens Computer Unit with ‘Touch screen’ controls.

Incorporating a comprehensive menu control panel which gives the Operator many options depending on the crop being handled, allowing for burner ‘operating control’ and ‘top up’ facilities to compensate for shrinkage.

All programmes are offered with full Automatic Mastermatic ‘Touch’ Screen Control System with manual override, all of which allows the crop to be dried to meet individual circumstances. Again this option is available at no extra charge!

Masters have also introduced a new range of square section fully galvanised wet grain bins to complement its range of grain driers. These are available from 3 – 30 Ton capacities and are supplied as a flat ‘self-assembly’ kit.


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