Take The Strain Out Of Loading Your Hopper

A new Bowl to Hopper Transfer Pump has been designed exclusively for MONO Equipment by the world renowned and highly respected specialist, Unifiller

by Claire Roberts | Friday 18 July 2014

Meringue in the Hopper
Using our new transfer pump not only removes the strain of having to manually load the hopper each time it needs replenishing throughout the day, but it also incorporates an OPTICAL CONTROL SENSOR which automatically monitors and maintains the levels within the hopper so that you can get on with other tasks.

Requiring just one person to set up and operate, the pump is capable of transferring between 11-49 litres per minute and ensures continuous production with no heavy lifting involved.

Designed to Make Life Easier:
• Ergonomically designed to fully automate the process
• Removes the risks of injury associated with lifting heavy bowls
• Saves on labour and potential injury claims
• High volume transfer suitable for both delicate and chunky products
• Gentle pump technology designed to simulate the movement of hand scooping
• Optical Control Sensor automatically monitors and maintains hopper levels to prevent hopper from running dry or overflowing
• Flow Adjustment Control alters the pump speed to suit different product mixes
• Powered telescopic lifting arm - 76mm diameter inlet and 50mm diameter outlet
• Lockable wheels for ease of manoeuvrability and stability when in use
• Hygienic stainless steel construction for quick and easy cleaning
• Versatility to suit most size bowls from 60 - 340 litre bowls
• Can process between 11-49 litres a minute

The Perfect Labour-Saving Device for Any Depositor User:
• Batter for cakes, muffins, macaron and sponges
• Fruit filling for pies, pastries
• Icings, frostings and toppings
• Creams, custards and mousse


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