Digital Probes With In Line Connector Improves Efficiency And Reduces Repair Costs

An innovative and accurate measuring solution which addresses repair, maintenance and replacement costs has been introduced by Solartron Metrology

by Sophie Mills | Friday 18 July 2014

Solartron In-Line Connector
This new solution comes as standard with SI100 and SI200 systems for connections into PLC or Automation (non-standard option available), which will revolutionise the way end users install and replace probes, reducing the time taken and costs involved with probe replacement.

Options are available for where the connector is placed, creating ease for installer. Whether the connection is at the Probe Interface Electronics (PIE) module or near to the probe, the need to thread/unthread cabling is eliminated creating time- and cost-efficiencies.

The small diameter of the connector allows easier threading through a machine for replacement, manufactured with a lightweight, corrosion resistant glass reinforced thermoplastic body, with IP67 protection against dust and water ingress.

The probes can be replaced without any reprogramming of the controlling software, giving the solution flexibility whilst maintaining a very high resolution, excellent linearity and a high data speed of the Orbit®3 system.

Features include:

• Simple probe replacement without any need for software programming
• Available with Standard Digital Probes, Flexures and Block Gauges
• Connector has IP67 rating
• Small diameter connector for ease of installation
• Resolution programmable to <0.01µm
• Excellent repeatability and linearity
• Precision ball bearing pencil probes
• Traceable calibration

Solartron Metrology is a world leader in design and manufacture of precision digital and analog dimensional LVDT gauging probes, displacement sensors, optical linear encoders and associated instrumentation.

It is a unit of AMETEK, Inc., a leading global manufacturer of electronic instruments and electromechanical devices with annual sales of more than US$3 billion.


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