Wardray Premise Takes Patient Relaxation To A New Level

Wardray Premise Ltd has a fantastic range of images in their Relax & View image collection ranging from sky to seascapes, and poppies to pasturelands

by Tony Atkinson | Thursday 26 June 2014

Relax & View Old Trafford
Customers can choose from more than 100 images to achieve their individual requirements.

All units are lit by energy efficient, low maintenance, flicker free LEDs and are suitable for all hospital areas.

This product is ideal for architects who aim to make the ordinary better and clinicians who know the benefit of creating a healing and relaxing environment.

Customers can choose to have an image from the Relax & View® image collection configured for a single lightbox or multiple panels / lightboxes.

A single panel can be produced up to a size of 1000 x 3000mm for maximum impact. Multiple smaller wall panels can be combined to create a window effect which is effective in an MRI environment or areas where patient privacy requirements don’t allow for a window.

Ceiling images are usually configured to fit into standard suspended ceiling tiles for ease of installation. A maximum number of 16 tiles can be combined to cover an area of 2380 x 2380mm. Or a simple design of 3 ceiling panels can dramatically improve a patients’ view when lying in a hospital bed or in a recovery area.

In addition, one large panel can be supported into a ceiling as shown in the photograph to create an alternative to the traditional suspended grid system.

Both ceiling and wall panels can be fitted with a dimmer switch, making the light source truly controllable, which can be an important feature if the units are located in a patient’s room.

Relax & View®lightboxes have been installed in football club facilities, mobile medical trailers and throughout hospital buildings.

Full details are available at www.wardray-premise.com/mr/relaxation/image/index.html


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