Over 55 years Of Fluid Control With Drallim Industries

The late Angus Millard formed Drallim Industries Ltd in 1958. The company name was derived by reversing MILLARD to become DRALLIM

by Sarah Foreman | Monday 23 June 2014

Millard, a brilliant conceptual engineer, designed the Rotary Selector Valve to fulfil the needs of complex switching sequences used in aircraft instrument testing. It is testament to its design that the RSV remains virtually unaltered and now celebrates its 56th year in production. Throughout its life, the RSV has also been referred to as a “PIV” or “Pneumatic Interlok Valve”. In recognition of its half century however we have reverted to its original designation.

RSVs were first made in our factory at Whyteleafe just south of London. To allow for expansion, the company moved to Bexhill in 1968. Once again outgrowing our premises, Drallim moved to its current purpose built headquarters in St. Leonards-on-Sea near Hastings in 2003.

The RSV range starts with the Series 40 valve, a 4-port version designed with total flexibility in mind. This comes from the fact that each valve can have its own unique inner camshaft arrangement and, when mounted in a stack, allows different fluids to be passed through each bank.

The Series 60 range of valves offers 6 ports. It encompasses the same proven design principles as the Series 40 but offers even more permutations.

The Series 70 & 95 valves are 4 port valves, offering larger port sizes and therefore having a higher flow capacity than the Series 40.

Positive positioning is standard on all valves, derived from an indexing mechanism that also allows the operator “feel”

Should it be required, security can be provided by keylocking the valve.

An electrical interface is also available by a rotary electrical switch directly coupled to the base of the valve. This can be supplied as a standard switch, which can be enclosed in a weatherproof enclosure or ATEX certified for use in hazardous areas.

Standard configurations or custom built to your specification with no cost penalty.
• Eliminates cross leakage associated with multiport ball valves
• Modular construction, available in either 4 or 6 port versions
• Brass or stainless steel
• Multi banks can accommodate different media
• Fluid and gas can be switched simultaneously
• Electric switches can be fitted for positional indication or controlling associated equipment
• Locking handles
• PTFE or acetal resin stems
• Weatherproof enclosures
• Explosion proof switches
• Spring returns


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