Understanding Mycotoxins At VIV Europe 2014

This year VIV Europe took place in Utrecht, Holland and provided the perfect platform for Kiotechagil to host a seminar on understanding mycotoxins

by Leon Pennant | Tuesday 3 June 2014

Dr Leon Broom of Anpario plc
The show itself is known as the World Expo for animal husbandry & processing and included companies active in: feed milling and supplying feed milling equipment, animal feed and feed additives, animal health products, breeding and housing, meat products, meat processing, packaging and logistics, and other services related to the animal protein production industry.

Speaking at the seminar were guest speakers Johan den Hartog Managing Director of GMP+ International, Dr. Giuseppina Avantaggiato, CNR Research Scientist at IPSA and Dr. Leon Broom Senior R&D Scientist at Anpario plc, who all outlined the dangers of mycotoxins.

It has been well documented that mycotoxins are affecting the agricultural industry on a global scale and, as such, our technical team have identified this as a growing concern. In addition to this, our R & D department has provided further evidence of such challenges in a recently published article entitled ‘The intestine: an overlooked aspect of mycotoxin challenge’, written by Dr. Leon Broom and Murray Hyden (http://www.allaboutfeed.net/Process-Management/Feed-Safety/2014/4/The-intestine-an-overlooked-aspect-of-mycotoxin-challenge-1493880W/).

Ian Cockshott, Regional Sales Manager at Kiotechagil commented, “It was great to be able to take part at VIV this year, which has allowed us to further raise the issue of mycotoxins amongst industry representatives and other companies, as well as dispel some of the misconceptions that exist around mycotoxin control products. With Neutox and Sorbatox we are able to provide products that are a low inclusion, broad spectrum aid to mycotoxin control, backed up with research that places it far ahead of its nearest competitor.”

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