Paper Converting Company In Portugal Orders Full Packaging Line

Long established paper converting company in Portugal has recently ordered a full packaging line from Jacob White of Dartford to produce tissue paper in cartons

by Martin West | Tuesday 25 March 2014

The company was looking to link 2 x DCM interfolders to one Jacob White Cartoning machine, model RSB 3.

The tissue paper clips are fed into the cartoning line via 1 X Log Saw and 2 x Banding machines. Individual stacks of tissue paper are taken from the exit of each banding machine, and then automatically transferred via a Jacob White gating system onto a conveyor, followed by a 180 degree specially designed conveyor into the infeed of the Jacob White Cartoning machine.

This very effective simple line system will guarantee a fairly high output of tissue boxes, and is flexible enough to also run Square “Cube“ boxes.

Size changes are extremely easy and quick, with no parts or tools required, a size change can be done within 10 minutes.

The company chose Jacob White equipment for their simplicity, effectiveness, outstanding ease of operation, reliability and its recognised value for money benefits.


Martin West
Jacob White (Packaging) Ltd
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