UK Launch For New European Yield Pro

Great Plains, one of the world’s leading manufacturers of precision planters and drills, stages the UK launch of its new European specification Yield-Pro precision planter at LAMMA 2014

by Jonathan Wheeler | Tuesday 28 January 2014

The new machine, the YPE-825A, can sow eight single rows at spacings between 70cms and 80cms, or 16 rows when working in Twin-Row format, yet folds to under three metres for transport.

As well as maize, it can plant a wide range of crops requiring precision spacing, including oilseed rape, and can also place seedbed fertiliser in either format.

YPE-825A planters use the company’s Series 25 opener, which is proven to maintain over 99% accuracy at working speeds of 8 to 10kph (around 5.5mph) - speeds at which the accuracy of competitor planters starts to reduce – so it combines precise placement with excellent output.

This accuracy is achieved by the interaction of several key elements, starting with the Air-Pro ® meters which use air pressure to singulate seed in the seed wheel. This pressure releases just before the seed reaches the top of the Clear-Shot ® Seed Tube.

Once in the tube, it falls under gravity alone and when it lands is immediately pressed into the seedbed by the Keeton Seed Firmer ®, so the accuracy of seed placement is maintained.

In single row format, the YPE-825A plants eight rows, with buyers having four row-spacing options: 70cm; 75cm; 76.2cm (30 in) and 80cm.

It can also work in Great Plains’ Twin Row formation, in which two rows of seed are placed 10 cm either side of a centre line, with spacings between the centre lines of 75cm; 76.2cm (30in) and 80cm available.

In Twin-Row, all seeds have a dedicated root zone because they are separated from those in the same row and the adjacent one. This technique produces bigger, stronger and more viable plants, and offers yield increases of 500kg – 600kg/ha in maize.

Folding is hydraulic, with the wings folding laterally and forward. Transport width is less than 3m in all formats except the 80cm single and Twin-Row, which folds to 3.30m.

Seed is pneumatically delivered from 53 litre tanks, while solid fertiliser also moved pneumatically from a 1,700 litre tank. Application rate is controlled via a ground driven wheel.

The planter needs a 160hp – 200hp tractor depending on whether single or Twin-Row format is being used. In single row format, it is fitted with 11.5/80-15.3 tyres; in Twin-Row format it uses 215/75R-17.5.


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