Top Prize Money For It Flies USA Competition

Merlin Flight Simulation Group’s Aircraft Design and Handling Competition IT FLIES USA will be held at The School of Engineering, The University of Dayton, Ohio, on 5 April 2014

by Marion Neal | Friday 17 January 2014

First prize is $1,000 – kindly donated by The Dean of Engineering at The University of Dayton.

The competition is quite unique and offers university students the chance to have their aircraft designs flown and assessed on Dayton’s engineering flight simulator by top US Test Pilots.

Last year’s Event was won by a team from Mississippi State University. US university teams will be challenged in 2014 by students from The University of Manchester, UK.

For more information and an entry form please contact Marion Neal - details below


Marion Neal
Merlin Products Ltd
+44 (0) 1403 711799

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