JSP Thermex Double Lens Goggle

Fog-free vision with total eye protection

by Nick Dulley | Thursday 16 January 2014

JSP's very latest innovation, the Thermex, is the most advanced safety goggle on the market. The Thermex can be relied on completely in the harshest of working environments to protect the wearer against fine particles, chemical splash, molten metal and extreme temperatures, safe in the knowledge that it will not mist up.

Many goggles are rendered useless by the problem of them misting up quickly and easily, which is a reason commonly given by workers for not bothering to wear them. However, the Thermex, boasting not one, but two, tough, distortion-free, Optical Class 1 lenses, offers outstanding vision with complete protection from fogging up, even at extreme temperatures of +50°C and -40°C.

The Thermex’s K- and N-class permanently-coated polycarbonate outer lens incorporates the most up-to-date scratch-resistant and anti-mist technology available, while the N-class acetate inner lens also ensures fog-free vision.

The unique thermex moisture control system works to balance air pressure buildup caused by heat or altitude to ensure the clearest possible vision.

Fully compatible with most industrial safety helmets and bump caps, the Thermex also provides 99.9% UVA/UVB protection. The goggle can easily and safely be used with an RX insert behind the lens, if prescription eyewear is needed.

These features, plus the outstanding comfort and fit of the Thermex with its wide elastic headband and soft foam housing, are key factors in ensuring that safety goggles are worn when they are needed, keeping the wearer’s eyes safe from harm.


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