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Delta's De-Icing Nozzles play an integral role in maintaining operational efficiency and safety within the Aviation Industry when freezing temperatures lead to snow and ice hazards

by Simon Lister | Thursday 9 January 2014

Delta Fire have been supplying their De-Icing / Anti-Icing Nozzles to Major International Airports for many years where they have seen extensive service in the processes required to maintain airline operations in freezing temperatures.

There are two nozzle options designed for use with the specialist chemical solutions applied in De-Icing & Anti-Icing in either hot spray or cool stream applications.

The Delta Attack 100 De-Icing Nozzle has the advantage of a Variable Select Flow allowing the user to switch between a 70 / 90 or 120 lpm flow rate providing dexterity of use for both De-Icing & Anti-Icing applications (7 to 8 bars for De-Icing & 3 to 4 bar for Anti-Icing). Both the engineered handgrip and control arm are manufactured in durable plastic for optimum operator comfort in freezing conditions. The stainless steel spinning turbine teeth optimise the spray pattern for increased coverage and minimum Anti-Icing fluid consumption. The computer designed waterway maximises hydraulic efficiency and the stainless steel ball valve ensures minimal maintenance is required.

The Delta H500ST De-Icing Nozzle provides an Automatic pressure control that self-regulates the flow according to the applied pressure and is perfectly suited to both the De-Icing & Anti-Icing of aircraft. Again, designed with compatibility to the required chemical solutions this nozzle provides effortless on/off control and has the same benefit of the stainless steel spinning turbine teeth as found in the Attack 100 above. This nozzle stabilises varying pressures to give constant tip pressure ensuring optimum fluid usage without the need for constant adjustment.

Manufactured in the UK under the stringent requirements of an ISO 9001 Quality Management Standard the Delta De-Icing Nozzles come with a 10 year guarantee and each nozzle is subject to a rigorous series of tests and inspection prior to dispatch.


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