Oldham Launches The Intrinsically Safe Dli Cordless Caplamp

The Caplamp is certified with IS "M1" type approval certification: Ex ia M1 En60079-35-1

by Andrew Jordan | Wednesday 27 November 2013

Is it truly possible to combine safety, performance and reliability in the lowest cost caplamp? With Oldham lamps, the answer is yes!

Without compromise Oldham DLi lamps provide total safety; IS certified to Ex ia M1 En60079-35-1

Without compromise Oldham DLi lamps meet your daily performance requirements. The DLi will work a full 12-hour shift and has reserve capacity for extended operation, providing full illumination even at the end of the day’s working operations.

Without compromise Oldham DLi lamps work with total reliability; based on the proven L16 battery technology, which has more than 1,000,000 hours operation without failure. This gives the mine operator confidence that they are providing the best equipment necessary for the miners working in hazardous environments.

Without compromise, all Oldham lamps provide unrivalled product longevity so that mine operators know their lamps will work reliably on a daily-weekly-monthly-yearly basis, providing the lowest cost of ownership and unmatched return-on-investment without disruption to productivity.

Without compromise - Oldham lamps combine safety, performance, reliability and longevity to the user, delivering a positive impact on daily, monthly and yearly operations.


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Wednesday 27 November 2013 / file under Mining | Engineering